Poems by Dana Demambro

Come In

There aren’t very many of us, I wish that there were more
If only others would realize, the blessings through our Church’s door
We are a loving congregation, we are caring and full of love
We want to share our fellowship with our Savior, Lord above
Sometimes our service runs a little long, our Pastor has so much to share
But you will learn so much, you’ll be glad that you are here
So please come in and meet us, let us share our Christian love
There is so much peace here, so much comfort from above
So we invite you, please come in, every Sunday at 10:30 am
We will share with you the story of Jesus, God, the great I Am

My Story

He’s my Savior and how I love Him,
I’m not afraid to speak His Name
Christ Jesus, Lord the Savior,
All in one They are the same
Let me tell you how He saved
A lost and drunken soul
Let me tell you the story
Of how Jesus made me whole
He took me and He held me
Through my struggles, through it all
He whispered you are loved
And I will never let you fall
Oh! What a miracle, the Lord He so loves me
I reached out and touched Him
And then He made me free
I’ll tell anyone who will listen,
I will proclaim this precious tale
My Jesus, He loves everyone
And His salvation will never fail


Here He comes, I can see Him; He is coming down the path
He is riding on a donkey, I shall see the King at last
Please give me some of your palms, I want to lay them down
I want to show Him honor, as He enters Jerusalem town
I must get up closer, please move out of my way
I want to see Him better, hear the words that He will say
He is the Christ, the Savior; yet He was arrested, taken away
They are saying He will be crucified, He will be killed this very day
Please, I cannot see this; I can’t be to see His pain
This betrayal cannot happen, this whole world has gone insane
Our Christ Jesus is gone, taken off the cross, taken away
They took Him to a cave, and in that cave His body lay
The stone was rolled away, from the cave our Lord has gone
But He was seen on the road, the naysayers, they were wrong
Alleluia it is true, He is alive, He lives again
Alleluia He has risen, Praise the Lord, Amen, Amen


I’d rather be beautiful on the inside, that’s where my Savior looks
There are many beautiful on the outside, who are liars, deceivers, and crooks
Beauty is as beauty does, we have heard this many a time
And what beauty should always show is a soul loving and giving and kind
Some of us have flaws, some are blemish free
But truly Jesus only sees the souls of you and me
So I don’t want to be vain, and worry about the beauty of my face
I don’t want to seek fame, or pleasure and fortune chase
I want to please my Lord by being good and kind to others
I want to share His word with all my sisters and my brothers
When I look into the mirror, I know what I want to see
A loving Christian person staring back at me

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